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terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2009

Gênero: Dark Metal, Depressive/Industrial Rock, Industrial/Depressive Metal.
Pais: Alemanha
Biografia: Bethlehem is a German dark metal band from Grevenbroich. The band was founded in 1991 and formed the term Dark metal with their debut album of the same name.
Many of Bethlehem's songs have morbid and sick lyrics, which may for the most part be personal to the band. On Dictus Te Necare (lat. You should kill yourself) Rainer Landfermann, well-known from the German Death metal band Pavor, is the vocalist, whose voice is described by Kostas Panagiotou in his review on doom-metal.com as "one of the sickest and most extreme voices you'll ever hear from a human being". On S.U.I.Z.I.D. his place is taken by Marco Kehren from the band Deinonychus. Guido Meyer de Voltaire, the vocalist from Schatten aus der Alexanderwelt and Mein Weg, is also well-known with his Band Aardvarks. His vocal performance is equally extreme, though a lot more varied. Andreas Classen, vocalist on "Dark Metal" also did vocals for Paragon Belial, a German Black Metal band.

Over the years Bethlehem modernized their style and so the early Black and Doom metal influences are now hardly present, the band favouring a more Neue Deutsche Härte (New German Hardness), Gothic and Electronic approach. In 1998 Bethlehem collaborates on the soundtrack for the American underground movie Gummo with the tracks Schuld uns'res knöcherigen Faltpferds and Verschleierte Irreligiösität.


The band gained notoriety early on, when a German teenager had purchased dozens of copies of their demo and used them to construct a sort of altar in his room. This outraged his mother, who embarked on a moralistic crusade against the band, who she perceived was damaging her son and other children with their lyrics and music. Her lobbying, among other things, prompted the authorities to ban Bethlehem from performing in several cities, a ban that apparently held through the mid-1990s. Bethlehem appear to be weary of official harassment in their interviews, but at the same time willing to stir up more controversy. This includes overt references to suicide and confronting photos, featuring a member injecting something into his arm and the dead body of their one-time singer Andreas Klassen. The latter is rumored to be a hoax, being a grainy picture showing a man resembling the "Dark Metal" era singer hanging by his neck from a ceiling rafter.



Niklas Kvarforth - Vocals
Olaf Eckhardt - Guitars
Reuben Jordan - Guitars
Jürgen Bartsch - Bass
Steve Wolz - Drums

Comentários: O Dark Metal do Bethlehem é tão original e copiado, que se tornou um novo genêro de verdade, composto principalmente, pelos vocais extreeemamente chorados e guturais. As músicas do Bethlehem, conseguem passar toda a angústia e desespero possiveis a um ser humano.

A temática da banda é essencialmente o suicído, como fica claro no Dictius Te Necare (Voce deveria se matar) e no SUIZID (suicídio em alemão).

O 4° e o 5° álbuns da banda, principalmente o 4°, tem um experimentação muito grande, chegando a possuir pesadas influências eletrônicas, mas sem nunca perder os vocais extremos característicos do grupo, assim como o desepero de suas músicas.

Dark Metal 1994
Dictius Te Necare 1996
S.U.I.Z.I.D 1998
Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt 2001
Mein Weg 2004
A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear (2009)

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